Business consulting for senior management

We bring together MAP professionals with experience in consulting, leadership, and business development at major companies in the region.

Why are  we an excellent choice?

We  bring together MAP professionals with experience in consulting, leadership,  and business development at local and global companies.


and specialists


in Deal Advisory


key industries of the economy, covered by our team of specialists


years of experience
In the market

We are in Latin America and Europe


What sectors do you work with?

We closely follow a wide range of sectors and continuously add new ones to our scope. We have extensive experience in Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Health, Technology, Consumer Goods, Energy, Entertainment, Insurance, Construction, Mobility, and the Entertainment & Hospitality Industry.

Who is  this service for?

In general, this service is requested by the C-Level or the Board of Directors of the client. During the development, we involve the relevant areas and  levels within the organization.

How long does a consulting project last?

Some services are provided regularly on a monthly fee basis, while others are projects with varying durations depending on the proposal, case complexity, and client availability, typically lasting between 3 to 5 months.

How does  the relationship between clients and MAP continue?

We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients. Typically, there are follow-up projects, periodic updates, and, in strategic consulting, ongoing  support in the execution and monitoring of plans.